YAY - I finally got a blog!...lol! Well, lets see, what to say. I went riding yesterday on Casper. He is a "new" horse at the stables. New, meaning he has been there for months, but never ridden. He went lame in all four of his feet after some bad shoeing jobs, and has been laid off for the longest time. =( Well, I got to ride him yesterday, for good or for bad. His feet are still lame, but he needs exercise to get better, so I got to have my lesson on him. He was good, but I think he was somehow hurt or scared in the past, because he is very jittery. If you have any ideas on how to gain his respect, tell me, please. He is a very bright horse, and I have faith in him that he'll go far. Wish us luck, and look for future updates.